And I had no idea it was Wednesday ,
This is amazing .

I’m not going outside until I am pretty again ,
I’ve watched / now / four seasons of weeds .

& I have ice cream & no desire in the world to be productive .

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There’s this one guy who , like , I know I’d never actually want to be with , or like make out with* , but like I get all flustered when I see him post about some trivial junk .

*but maybe idk myself that well .


I took a sparkly pink bath today

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sending pizza-grams to my lady *~~

I l y . I feel special , real special .

Anonymous asked:

You're a joy to share upon. Such as the city lights polluting the stars. Such as watching lovers from afar sharing their love. Please post a deluge of photos.

$ $ $

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Anonymous asked:



Anonymous asked:

you should let me take care of you. only catch is that I like running my fingers through people's hair.


my pretty mullet is comin’ along nicely . 

Of a lover . 

Or not .

Just someone to temporarily care for me that i don’t have to pay for , like doctors or prostitutes . 

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